Psychic OG is back and so are WISEGUY plays

The original Psychic is back.

Almost 3 years ago I went into early retirement, relaxed in Vegas and settled down. I sold off my business to my partner (The Wizard) and they’ve successfully ran a profitable handicapping business on their own while I worked part time as a consultant for one of the big sports books.

I am back on my own. I will be releasing my world famous WISEGUY and MAJOR plays plus my late phone selections.

My top plays will only be available through one of these two methods

email service

text message service

Those who have been with me over the years know that I made the term WISEGUY or MAJOR what is is today. Handicappers all over the internet now use these to call their games. You long time players remember those 17-1 years in the NFL on WISEGUY plays.

For those who may not remember the original Psychic ranks plays from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. 4 unit plays are called MAJOR plays and 5 unit plays are called WISEGUY plays. All of our plays are exclusive, unique system related picks. We deliver winners on a consistent basis and like a long time customer said in a recent testimonial, “Boy do they deliver” and “my bankroll has increased every season I played with the Psychic.

Reminder that my plays will only be available through one of these two methods; email or text message service. Only Psychic VIP’s will be serviced. Get ready to

For anyone who works with the Wizard or anyone at Psychic Wins I am not trying to take any business. But for anyone who would like to pick up where we left off …. email us at or


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